Monday, August 14, 2017

Tori Dean autograph?

Hello everyone,
Let me first start off telling you that I am sorry that its been a month since my last post. It has been a busy one and excited to share a few things.
First, I am excited to share with you that you can now get a signed ebook autograph from me-Tori Dean! Is that cool or what?
Second, I am also working on Signed copies of my paperback books-Promise to Love & Protect, LUST, and Just One Bite. I will have a separate post on that in the next week or so on how you can request your very own copy.
Thirdly, I have since released my "Score Series" called "Grand Slam" which is out and you can click on the image to the right and it will lead you right to the buy link on Amazon. "Chip Shot" is the next book and being released some time this week and also you will see on the right side the other books from "The Score Series" on when I will be releasing the other 3 books.
Be sure to scroll down toward bottom of page on right side and sign up for my newsletter and get some inside scoop on a few things that you will not get on here or on any other social media site.
Well, that should keep you up to date and if I miss anything, I will make note and post it next time.
So with that, I hope you all have a wonderful day!
Take care,
Love and hugs

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Hit this out of the park with Grand Slam

Hello friends,
I have a New Release this weekend! And it's Free!
Grand Slam is a sports based, erotic, short story. First of five books in this "Score Series."

To get your copy, just fill out the form below! And, while you're at it, subscribe to my Newsletter. Which comes out tomorrow-Monday!

Grand Slam - “The Score Series” By Tori Dean
When scoring brings on a whole new meaning to winning the game!

Ace pitcher, Nolan Base has loved The Coastal Blue’s athletic trainer, Genevieve Glover, for a while now.  He just couldn’t do anything about it without putting her job in jeopardy.
Everything changes when his horny teammates decide they are going to try and get Genevieve on tape, having sex with one of them, and upload it to the internet.  To protect her, Nolan makes a bet, that it will be him, to finally have sex with her. And Nolan hates to lose!
Will Nolan’s plan to protect Genevieve backfire on him? Or, will Genevieve, finally, give in to the super-hot attraction, that they both feel for each other?
This story contains strong and explicit sexual situations. It is intended for adult audiences only.
#ToriDeanWrites #Sports #Erotica #FUN

Fill out the form here and Enjoy reading!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Who wants to Party?

Happy June everyone!
I cannot believe this month is finally here. It has lots happening for me and I want to share some exciting news.
Coming this Friday the 9th, I turn 50 years old! Can I believe it? NO! I don’t look or feel 50 but then again what is 50 suppose to be like? Everyone is different in how they act, look and feel and besides, it’s just a number. I will forever be 28. LOL
My PA-Karen Williams has a lot of fun activities, lots of giveaways and a great line up from my author friends for my Birthday Bash that I am having over on Facebook in the NuRomantics group(must request membership). Not only do I turn 50, but I will also be a Georgia Peach. I will get to meet a few people also who I am friends with on here that I am excited about. You might even see me dance LIVE! But that is if we get lots of request.
I am excited to start a new adventure in my next stage of life while I can.
I am also releasing a short story called “Passing in the Night.” Do not miss out on your exclusive copy.
You can see teasers and the cover on any of the Social Media sites if you follow me. Be sure to like my author page and help me reach 500 likes/followers here: @AuthorToriDean247

So what are you waiting for? Come join us here
Or click on the link to the right.

Hope you can join us!

Sunday, May 14, 2017


Happy Sunday, May 14th
It’s a sunny 50 degree morning. The birds are singing their joyful tunes. A slight breeze whipping through my hair. And I sit here reflecting on life.
Do you ever get so lost out there daydreaming, where you stare at something and it puts you in a trance?
It happens to me occasionally. Sometimes I think it stops time, but not really.
Anyway, I reflect upon life, that we as people need to change things in our lives to make us happy. You are the only person who can make yourself happy. It’s the elements around you that reflect your happiness.
You cannot live a POSITIVE life, if you think NEGATIVE thoughts!
Soon I will be embarking on a new adventure doing just that and so many things I am excited about. New people, new home, and a new job. WOW! Half a century old and people must think I’m crazy. Wait! I am crazy but that doesn’t make me a bad person. I’m crazy FUN!
The best part of this, is that I am going somewhere that I know some people and related to one. Not to mention meet some others.
Be sure to stay tuned in the next month and I will have a surprise for you as long as my plans go accordingly as planned.
In the meantime, If you get a chance…stop and reflect on your positive energy. Take a deep breath and enjoy your journey you are on.  Remove that negative shit and remember, it’s up to you!
What changes do you think you need to make yourself happy?
Think about it!
Take care and with much love,

Sunday, April 9, 2017

There is a new wave going on and if you are a reader looking to get to know some great authors and readers who love books. Then come join us.


The Nu Romantics was formed to revolt against the preconceived notions of ROMANCE and to elucidate that “romantic” is found in happy endings – in everything from nature to pain to the erotic to even death.

The group strives to be a collaborative group who invite other writers, poets, thinkers, readers, i.e., lovers of the written word, to come together to sharpen their craft in an interactive process, to promote their work, to share ideas, to take part in GIVEAWAYS, PARTIES, and monthly FEATURED AUTHOR EVENTS in a variety of forums, and to have fun doing it.

All are enthusiastically encouraged to participate and interact positively and constructively!

Come, get to know us. THE REVOLUTION IS HERE!
Click on the NuRomantics pic on the side to take you to the group and approval needed.
If you have questions, please follow and ask for one of the admins.
Ashlee Shades, RB O’Brien, Sherry White or myself.
We would love to have you.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Charm, Flirt, Seduce, oh my!

Every wonder if you cross the line when you flirt someone?
Is it right or wrong?
I flirt a lot. I see it as trying to make someone smile, laugh and feel good about themselves. Perhaps that is all part of my Charm as I flirt. Wink wink

Charm is the art of making people feel good in your presence. It is applicable to everyone.
The power or quality of giving delight or arousing admiration.
Everyone has a way to charm someone.

Flirting is the art of making people feel attractive. To behave as though attracted to or trying to attract someone through amusement rather than with serious intentions. It acknowledges sexuality, but not overly sexual. Its innocent. OR isn’t it?

Seduction is the art of the sexual proposal. A process of enticing a person, to engage in sexual behavior. Mutual agreement between two people.

You first need to be charming, and how to flirt, then seduction takes care of itself.
They all go together in a sense if you’re trying to attract someone attention to have a relationship with them. It needs to be mutual.

Have you ever crossed the line before?  I have! I mean who hasn't? We’re all human, right? It is never meant in any way of harming anyone, it’s a way of feeling that physical attraction. Words, body language, lust, desire all part of feeling and wanting something.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

What is it worth?

As I sit back getting into writing mode again because there is a story to tell. I reflect on something that I wonder if it is worth it.
My character struggles with how she looks. Her tummy is flabby, she has scars and cellulite, but she is funny and has a positive attitude. Always looks on the bright side of things.
Her husband is blind to seeing her beauty and never tells her.
I think we all struggle with flaws of some sort.
One day she meets a man who see’s her completely different. He tells her she is fucking beautiful and how anyone can see it. She shows him pics of her body and he still tells her she is beautiful and ask her how she cannot see it. He tells her every day over a few months making her feel special but secrets came out that changed a few things. He has changed in what he says to her but they remain friends.
She meets another man and he tells her the same. They talk for a few months and then when she show him her body he tells her how beautiful she is, but after time, he up and leaves her. He doesn’t explain to her and she is left feeling she is not worth it. Not even the friendship and the things they shared about each other. She feels he only said those things to make her feel good for a short time.
Then another man comes into her life that he sees her as someone special and she is reserved and tries to distance herself but something about him draws her in. He tells her things she likes. After time they have sex and take their relationship to another level that gives her hope and happiness. Then shortly after it changes and he doesn’t know anymore what he wants. She thinks he wasn’t satisfied with her sexual performance or perhaps he  wants a younger more beautiful, intelligent woman who can make him feel young again or perhaps it’s a way of him saying he doesn’t want her without hurting her feelings.
She is left feeling she is not worth it again. If she was worth it, then the men would not leave her or lie to her. Is this a test for her to fight for him? If you don’t try, how will you know right?

So let me ask you...
Women..What is it worth to you to have a man think you are worth it?
Men..what is it worth to you to get a woman to believe she is worth it?
Would you fight for him or her and make them see how good they are together than apart?
 #WIP #Elixir #AmWriting

Tori Dean autograph?

Hello everyone, Let me first start off telling you that I am sorry that its been a month since my last post. It has been a busy one and ...